Anti-Corruption Pledge

The 2013 EU anti-corruption report demonstrated corruption is a persistent problem across the 28 member states of the European Union and that urgent action is needed.

Throughout the mandate of the next European Parliament (2014-2019) I am committed to fighting corruption and promoting transparency, accountability and integrity in EU institutions, policies and legislation.

Specifically, I commit myself to working in consultation with civil society and others to achieve the following aims:

  1. The governance and law-making of EU institutions will become a global model of transparency, accountability and integrity, establishing the highest standards. I/we commit to upholding both the letter and spirit of the Code of Conduct for MEPs and will publish a ‘legislative footprint’ that will be attached to any report that I am responsible for drafting in my in office.
  2. The EU will promote greater integrity and transparency in public spending. It will ensure that all information on EU funds is published in a manner that is easily accessible and usable by citizens, for example by conforming to open data principles. EU public procurement rules will take account of open contracting principles and have effective methods to deal with conflicts of interest. This applies to spending by EU and national bodies.
  3. The EU will promote initiatives and legislation that will provide effective protection to whistleblowers in the public, private and non-profit sectors.

More about the pledge

List of signatures

  • 62 Jozef Kollár, Slovakia (PDF)
  • 60 Jana Lachkovičová, Slovakia (PDF)
  • 58 Viliam Mokráň, Slovakia (PDF)
  • 56 Jozef Viskupič, Slovakia (PDF)
  • 54 Stanislav Trnovec, Slovakia (PDF)
  • 52 Veronika Remišová, Slovakia (PDF)
  • 50 Rastislav Bielik, Slovakia (PDF)
  • 48 Martin Barto, Slovakia (PDF)
  • 46 Irén Sárközy, Slovakia (PDF)
  • 44 Radovan Gondžúr, Slovakia (PDF)
  • 42 Martin Dilong, Slovakia (PDF)
  • 40 Tanja Fajon, Slovenia (PDF)
  • 38 Nicolas Rey, France (PDF)
  • 36 Damien Courcoux, France (PDF)
  • 34 Ulrike Rodust, Germany (PDF)
  • 32 Skirmantas Tumelis, Lithuania (PDF)
  • 30 Vaidotas Butkevičius, Lithuania (PDF)
  • 28 Sigitas Šiupšinskas, Lithuania (PDF)
  • 26 Renatas Miškinis, Lithuania (PDF)
  • 24 Reimundas Varapickas, Lithuania (PDF)
  • 22 Marija Tamkevičiūtė, Lithuania (PDF)
  • 20 Laurynas Okockis, Lithuania (PDF)
  • 61 Richard Marko, Slovakia (PDF)
  • 59 Michal Polónyi, Slovakia (PDF)
  • 57 Jakub Nvota, Slovakia (PDF)
  • 55 Oto Žarnay, Slovakia (PDF)
  • 53 Michal Kravčík, Slovakia (PDF)
  • 51 Jana Žitňanská, Slovakia (PDF)
  • 49 Štefan Baláž, Slovakia (PDF)
  • 47 József Nagy, Slovakia (PDF)
  • 45 Karol Pataky, Slovakia (PDF)
  • 43 Andrej Klapica, Slovakia (PDF)
  • 41 Paulius Uleckas, Lithuania (PDF)
  • 39 Michael Erhardt, Germany (PDF)
  • 37 Daniel Merlet, France (PDF)
  • 35 Anke Domscheit-Berg, Germany (PDF)
  • 33 Indrė Kleinaitė, Lithuania (PDF)
  • 31 Vilma Gaubytė, Lithuania (PDF)
  • 29 Tomas Baranovas, Lithuania (PDF)
  • 27 Saulius Lapienis, Lithuania (PDF)
  • 25 Remigijus Lapinskas, Lithuania (PDF)
  • 23 Martynas Nagevičius, Lithuania (PDF)
  • 21 Linas Kvedaravičius, Lithuania (PDF)
  • 19 Laima Andrikienė, Lithuania (PDF)
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